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Why did that feel so bad?

 Today my friend passed a comment about the way I look and consequently failed the test of friendship. It was a joke. It always is. "When was the last time you got a manicure?" he said. This was the same friend, who just yesterday treated me to dinner for women's day. What started as two people going for a pleasant walk to revel in the beautiful weather, ended up in absolute silence and awkwardness.  What he said took me back to that scene in Sex In The City where Samantha asks Miranda when was the last time she got a wax. Miranda got up and stormed off, but their friendship remained. Well, today was my breaking point. Lately, I've been feeling very conscious about the way I look, and I haven't quite been able to place my not-so-manicured finger on what/who is making me feel this way. Is it the way that men label women as "hot" or "not hot?" Is it snide, teasing comments about my face or my hair or my weight or my dark circles or my nails? Why